Measure Twice Cut Once

1 measure from your waist to your seated behind 

While seated measure from your waist down to your behind  write this measurement down with seated measurement

2 Measure from the top of your shoulder (where your bra strap would go) to the fullest part of your bust


3 Measure the circumference under your bust 

4 Measure your waist 

5 Measure the circumference around the top of your bust  

6 Measure the circumference around your fullest part of your bottom

7 Measure the circumference below your bottom  

Its so important to take your measurements because our lovely body's are all different and change so many times through out our lives. We need to get the most comfort and enjoyment from our lingerie.

Measure twice and cut once is very true, you don't want to be cutting into your beautiful lace or fabric only to realize your measurements are off. When making a pattern for the first time its best to make a muslin out of scrap lace or other materials similar to what you are going to use, altering or unpicking wont be as heart breaking this way.

We need you to measure this way when you send in your custom orders as well.